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Kroppsmått gällande kroppsfett i procent, fettvikt i kilogram kgkroppsdimensioner i centimeter cmLBM och total kroppsvikt i kg togs innan och efter studiens genomförande. Therefore, the expandability of subcutaneous adipose tissue seems to be a critical factor in the development of insulin resistance [ 26 ] although this concept is mainly based on cross-sectional findings and has recently been challenged by an 8-week overfeeding study in humans [ 27 ]. The role of adipose tissue dysfunction in the pathogenesis of obesity-related insulin resistance. Thus, the ability of our body to adapt to chronic changes in caloric intake largely depends on the ability of adipose tissue to accommodate a potential excess of calories. Denna slutsats ifrågasätter äldre forskning och påståenden om vikten vid att hålla en hög och jämn måltidsfrekvens.

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FFM - Fat Free Mass is everything in the body that is not fat; muscle, water, bone connective tissue, etc.

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The Metabolic Phenotype in Obesity: Fat Mass, Body Fat Distribution, and Adipose Tissue Function

In addition, hypertrophic adipose tissue is characterized by infiltration of adaptive and innate immune cells and altered adipokine secretion. A deficiency of adipose tissue, as in patients with partial lipodystrophy, is also associated with insulin resistance and a high incidence of type 2 diabetes [ 11 ]. BMI and total adiposity are positively correlated with cardiometabolic disease risk at the population level. Mindre bra är att stockholm inte verkar fullt så BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate reflects the amount of calories used by the body to maintain normal functions when at rest.

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