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A Delightful Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Ring with a Beautiful Bloodstone Made in America

  • I’m showing a few other stone choices…let us know if you want another gemstone.
  • Our silver is made with reclaimed silver …saving the earth’s natural resources.
  • By using reclaimed metal, we decrease the demand for newly mined ore. Precious metals can be repeatedly recycled with no loss in quality; they are a naturally renewable resource
  • Set with a genuine gemstone that we have cut for us.
  • Although we will do our best to ship items to you quickly, please allow 7-10 days for delivery… We are custom making it for you.

This beautiful sterling silver ring is custom made for you. It’s accented with a gemstone that we have cut for us.All our jewelry is made in Rhode Island by American Craftsmen and Women…giving American jobs. The Silver Dragon started in 1978 and became known for originality and quality.Most of the designs were created by my husband, who had both an eye for detail and the expert ability to use carving tools to bring his designs to life. His skill in creating jewelry models and the high level of the workmanship involved with creating each piece of jewelry created a highly regarded brand known for excellence. He passed away from cancer in 1996, but his spirit lives on in his designs that are still sought after today. A great deal has changed in those 35 years. When The Silver Dragon started, the internet did not exist. We built our success by word of mouth. With the advent of the Internet, the business model changed. I recognized the opportunity to really create jewelry that was indivi

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